Fall Planting – What, When & Why

I’m sure if you are here, you have had a summer garden probably. Filled with sun-loving vegs like tomatoes and peppers. Did you know, you can keep the money saving grocery party going with Fall planting as well? Fall is the cool down season while we slowly acclimatize to a winter wonderland. So it’s only… Continue reading Fall Planting – What, When & Why


Android Apps I can’t live without

I can remember back in the early 2000’s when cell phones were flip phones, and the were starting to become more commonplace. Not JUST for the big time business man/woman, or… Zack Morris (you know. From Saved By The Bell….don’t make me feel old. Just nod your head, say you remember and let’s move on!).… Continue reading Android Apps I can’t live without

DIY Design/Decor

Pretty Planner on a TIGHT Budget

Remember back in high school, college, university….when you got a datebook, scheduler, planner….whatever it was called back then!?. Were you like me, and thought OH MY GOSH!! I’m going to be neat and tidy, and I’m going to write everything down and be organized, and THIS YEAR…THIS YEAR is MY YEAR…..Yeah….How often did that work… Continue reading Pretty Planner on a TIGHT Budget

Thrifted Fashion

Thrifting Basics: Clothing Edition

I can remember, not long out of college when I started thrifting to save money, pay bills etc. With no idea WHAT I was doing. It went something like this. Saw something, I liked it. So I bought it! It was that simple. Now that was when most people thought thrift stores were dirty. Not… Continue reading Thrifting Basics: Clothing Edition